I can remember being about seven years old, when all my friends were talking about being policemen and firefighters, but I always wanted to be a photographer. To this day, I have no idea what sparked the idea in my head, but it stuck. It really wasn’t until High School that I was able to explore the art of photography. It was my first opportunity to take a class. The next year I was working on the yearbook, and learning how to shoot under pressure, and meet deadlines. I continued to take photography classes and worked for a couple local papers well after High School.

Today more than twenty years later I’m still at it. No longer smelling the chemicals of the dark room, as we have moved into the digital age, and the technology has made the art so much more accessible and affordable. I can still develop my own negatives, and print my own photos, but in this digital age it’s not necessary. Darkrooms are now on the desktop of your computer, no more dim lights and chemical smells. What would take hours, now can be done in minutes. Same art, new exciting tools.

My son was born in November of 2009. My love for photography was really kicked into overdrive at that point. My creative juices were renewed with each snap of my shutter. I realized more then, that photography is not what I do, it’s what I love. I very much enjoy meeting new people, and putting our collective vision into photographs. These moments can then be shared digitally on social media sites, emails, and printed for photo albums. It is my goal to make your photo shoot a fun, enjoyable experience, so that your joy can be captured in photographs.

I want to provide you a final product that will make you happy. I want you to be happy with your photos whether it is of your family, children, engagement, event, or model shoot. Please fill in your info on the "Contact Us" tab to book your next photo session.

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Alex Calegari